Virtual Frontier

Thank you to everyone who watched online, joined us in Zoom, and offered great questions and observations during the discussion.

The turnout was great and all of the panel videos can be viewed on our panels page here->

2-3pm UI / UX
Eric Fogltanz MOD Music Player An exploration in UI/UX,Branding, and app design.
Tia Nieland Parallel Sound Parallel Sound is a digitalplatform that allows the user to stream concerts from artists, while supporting and donating to the National Parks Service. The concept is an intimate concert at the tip of your fingers. This binds music and naturelovers together, while remaining rooted in the contactless connection of humanity that has consumed our world. The main goal is to provide an accessible opportunity that allows all sorts of people to connect and help a great organization through music.
Kyle Kinneer Talkativ Talkativ is a social mediaplatform meant to facilitate immersive language learning from the comfort of one’s home. User can share videos, ask questions, & receive responses in their target language on mobile, tablet, or web.
Claire Hennessey Happier Happier is an informational exhibition focused on displaying positive messaging and lifestyle tactics that are shown to boost human happiness.
4-5pm Social Design (1 of 2)
Ashley Brimacomb Inform “INFORM” is a campaign that uses metaphors and analogies to bring light to mental illness. The overall goal of the campaign is to aid in the expression of how mental illnesses can make individuals feel, as well as allow those who do not deal with mental illness to better understand what it is like for those who do. This is done through the use of metaphorical/symbolic/trend-forward poster design as well as asocial media platform and environmental applications.
Madeline Ryan The Gift Acknowledge. Embrace. Believe.Share. #beautymark is a way for people to post who they are within and reveal their true selves for others to see. We each were made with intent and withthat, a community that supports and loves one another in whatever season they are going through. Be a part of this group of women who sees their beauty marks as gifts, a visual of their story, and a piece of them that makes them beautiful. We’d love for you to join us.
Emily Cooper Smith Like A Girl Like A Girl is an after school program that helps young girls between the ages of 11-14 build a strong and lasting relationship to their self confidence. By offering a variety of activities that challenge participants to step out of their comfort zone, girls won’t just feel empowered, but be empowered.
12-1pm Branding (1 of 2)
Wes Butler Study Eats My Capstone is a branding identity project. I wanted to explore each aspect of what a brand identity includes, and then build an ecosystem of products around that brand.
Jordan Edwards Active Sustainability A company that focuses on sustainable items in active spaces like hiking, backpacking, biking, and travel. Stay planet friendly and eco-safe. making an impact to better the world!
Katelyn Berndt Craftology Festival The branding and promotionaldesign of a festival that celebrates artisans and craft businesses.
2-3pm Visual Narrative / Illustration
Megan Kiernan Women in History The stories of women from history are often looked over, and I will be focusing on telling the stories of 3 women whose stories are often unknown: Joan of Arc from France, Muirisc from Ancient Ireland, and Mazu from China.
Shannon Mullnix Far Gone Far Gone is an illustrated comic series featuring Volume 1 for this Capstone event, including illustratedpanels, a website prototype for viewing, and an eventual plan to physically publish the results. Far Gone follows themes of getting out of one’s comfort zone and rolling with unexpected events and misfortunes, none too different than we find ourselves now.
Casey Guthals Abroad Adventures | A picture book series Abroad Adventures is a children’s picture book series. The series entail a fun, rhyming illustrativebook for ages 3-7. There are 3 different “books” to the series. The book series are based on the main character and her friends traveling and exploring new places around the world. The series focuses around a fun game of hide and seek. While finding her friends, the main character is also finding and exploring different cities. The books are made to encourage children to go out and explore.
4-5pm Equity, Diversity, & Accessibility
Kaitlyn Sanchez Diverse People of Design Diverse People of Design is a comprehensive directory of all creatives. The study analyzes the connection between someone’s identities and their work.
Brandon Johnson Dysoptic A dyslexia awareness toolkit to provide a visual way to understand dyslexia, helping parents and educators gain a better understanding of dyslexia.
5-6 Social Design (2 of 2)
Steven Klouw The Norm A look into how the”normal” behaviors of our society guide industry and how we can change this for the better of our planet.
Tyler Miller The Identity Project A study of how the Coronavirus has affected individuals on a smaller scale.
12-1pm Branding (2 of 2)
Lauren Hansen Due Creative Conference Pop-Up Due is a conference for creatives that allows attendees to listen to industry professionals speak and collaborate with those in similar creative fields. My capstone serves as an unconventional advertisement for the conference through a pop-up that would be displayed in event halls, public spaces, etc. This pop-up would allow people passing by to interact with the display in a way that you generally can’t with advertisements, all while learning more about the conference.
Hannah Gasper Explore Iowa The goal of the Explore Iowa campaign is to inspire everyone to go outside and find their adventurous side right here in Iowa. It aims to show that Iowa has a lot to offer and promote outdoor exploration and recreation.
2-3pm Motion Graphics
Emma Dau Bad Land A 5 minute short western,written, directed, and executed to explore cinematography and film techniques. The film was shot in The Badlands National Park and will be accompanied by transitional branding marketing materials as if it were afeature length film.
Noor Gettan -Topia A personal, experimental short video inspired by the recent events of the year 2020 and everything cyberpunk.
Morgan Handy Design Diary: Animated Type Daily posters that express theemotions and feelings of that day through an abstract representation of animated type.
4-5pm Packaging Design
Lydia Anez Cultivated Core Coffee Experience the journey of the bean and learn how you can impact the future of the coffee industry.
Caroline Fiedler Groovy Roots Groovy Roots is not the typical seed brand; we encourage good vibes and the use of affirmations. Positive thoughts can transform us; it helps us grow to become who we want to be, and we want to spread this idea as we like to spread our seeds.