Graphic Design capstone projects exploring the frontiers of Sustainability
By Daniel Berja
A brand identity for a tiny vegan restaurant with a planet-size mission.
Cultivated Core Coffee
By Lydia Anez
Experience the journey of the bean and learn how you can positively impact the future of the coffee industry.
Durable Future
By Steven Klouw
A short process documentary looking into the idea of a durable future.
Trio Hardgoods
By Mitchell Krapfl
Trio is a winter sports brand focused on saving our winters!
All Graphic Design capstone projects
Parallel Sound
By Tia Nieland
Explore Iowa
By Hannah Gasper
Study Eats: A Branding Exploration
By Wes Butler
Wall Flowers Plant Nursery
By Sarah Courtney
By Reina Rabadan
Trio Hardgoods
By Mitchell Krapfl
By Kathleen Rydberg
By Ashley Brimacomb
The X Project
By Jessica Trussell
Far Gone
By Shannon Mullnix
CON-QUEST: Making a Comic Book
By Jackson Donels
Type High: the Impression of Letterpress
By Xena Root
Laws of the Game
By Sofia Jordan
By Jordan Edwards
By Noor Gettan
this is quarantine.
By Sarah Wright
By Keara Meehan
Phoenix Suns REBRAND
By Reilly Wingert
Alien Invasion
By Matt Valen
Monroe Whiskey
By Greta Schumann
Saving Haylee Project
By Paige Robinson
Drug Use
By Karen Kajtazovic
The Language of Color
By Sarah Estes
MOD Music Player
By Eric Fogltanz
Veto Wedding Photography and Design
By Brittany Veto
Cultivated Core Coffee
By Lydia Anez
One Third
By Avery Daniel
Green Hit
By Maria Fonseca
Democrus: Website Design for Political Engagement
By Linda Voigt
Due: Connecting Creatives
By Lauren Hansen
Exploration in 3D Models and Character Design
By Jacob Chaplin
Multi script Typedesign – Prelude and Research
By Shriram Rajakumar
Dragons are Real
By Jacob Horning
Design Diary: 30 Days of Animated Type
By Morgan Handy
The Gift
By Madeline Ryan
Unprecedented: Tracking COVID-19
By Kaden Jones
Second Self
By Alyson O'Hara
Continued Connection – Draft
By Brianna Harrison Joynt
Women in History
By Megan Kiernan
Break the Silence about Rape
By Shannon Earles
By Daniel Berja
Remedi Kombucha
By Molly Jaeger
Making a Western Short Film
By Emma Dau
Durable Future
By Steven Klouw
By Anna Hall
3-D Map Exploration
By Samuel Moy
Like A Girl
By Emily Cooper Smith
Art Direction Exploration
By Dillon Minshall
20 Days In Isolation
By Matt Cook
By Jenny Thai
By Jay Meekins
“Processing Stress: The Three A’s to Stress Management” Proof-of-Concept Animatic
By Noah Kruger
Diverse People of Design
By Kaitlyn Sanchez
Groovy Roots
By Caroline Fiedler
By Brandon Johnson
Abroad Adventures: A Picture Book Series
By Casey Guthals
Which CMYK Are You?
By Altaleta Weisbrod
Craftology Festival
By Katelyn Berndt
Two naughty kittens
By Ge Qu
By Joey Ulven
More Than A Phase: Child Mental Health Awareness
By Allison Monroe
Young, Dumb, & Hungry
By Jane Azinger
By Claire Hennessey