Which CMYK Are You?
By Altaleta Weisbrod
Ok hear me out...CMYK, the popular color scheme used for printing, but turn it into a personality quiz.
Which CMYK Are You?
by Altaleta Weisbrod
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Which CMYK Are You? Explained

CMYK, the acronym for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, is a printing method usually used for colored images. This color scheme is taught and used across the world for many graphic designers, including myself. While this typographic and interactive project changes the usual meaning behind this acronym, it brings an ironic twist into play. This long standing inside joke amongst many designers is represented to the best of my ability. After researching color aura’s and color psychology, and adding a little twist of my own, I have matched certain personality characteristics to each color, and created a quiz. Below is the quiz that one would fill out. Feel free to take it yourself, just make sure to add up your circles!


This quiz’s intention is not to tell you who you are, but to infer a characteristic you might resemble.






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