Wall Flowers Plant Nursery
By Sarah Courtney
Branding of a plant nursery and floral company that includes informational posters.
Wall Flowers Plant Nursery
by Sarah Courtney
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Wall Flowers Logo

For my Senior Project I wanted to create something that would show where I want to go next while also being a topic, I am passionate about. Personally, I have thirty-two house plants. I wanted to share knowledge that I have learned through my experiences along with helping others thrive in their plant care. The logo was created to be light and delicate similar to that of flowers. From this I created a business card to match the aesthetic I was pursuing. I chose to create four informational posters to help others learn about plant care. For these, I illustrated all of the plants and icons while also matching the theme and colors from the logo. Floral cards were the last thing I created. They were made to match the theme while also being individualistic.

Overall, I’m very happy, proud, and excited with the final products. This was a huge learning experience during this very unusual semester. In a weird way I’m happy to have had this experience to teach me healthy ways to learn from home and create things I am proud of.



Business Card for Wall Flowers



Brand Identity



“Fundamental Plant Care” Poster



“Hardest Houseplants to Kill” Poster

“When to Water You’re…” Poster



“Plants for Your Bathroom” Poster


Blank Floral Card with Plants








Sympathy Floral Card








Thank You Floral Card








Happy Birthday Floral Card

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