Veto Wedding Photography and Design
By Brittany Veto
Branding of a wedding photography and design business with a focus in designing template packages.
Veto Wedding Photography and Design
by Brittany Veto
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The Brainstorming

At the beginning of the semester I was unsure of what I wanted to present for my final project as a senior. After cycling through some ideas, I decided to work on creating a joint business with my sisters photography business and my design skills. I have already worked on a good number of branding assignments, so I wanted to focus on the actual deliverables that would come of this business.

The Business

Veto Wedding Photography & Design is a one stop shop for all photography and print design needs. Planning a wedding is stressful enough as is, and there are so many different websites and businesses you have to filter through. With this business you can get your engagement and wedding photos done, and then if you would like as well, easily implement your photos into your save the dates, rsvps, etc.

The Deliverables


  • Logo
  • Business Cards

Print Work – three themes of each

  • Save the Date
  • RSVP
  • Table Numbers

Each theme is intended to be unique so that couples getting married can find just the right set for their wedding and style.

Logo and Business Cards

Theme One

Theme Two

Theme Three

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