Unprecedented: Tracking COVID-19
By Kaden Jones
A social media campaign to spread awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic and provide accurate information on social media platforms.
Unprecedented: Tracking COVID-19
by Kaden Jones
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Unprecedented is a project about bringing light to the otherwise unknown. While compiling my research on the novel coronavirus pandemic, I was primarily looking for three key things: data, terminology, and some general information. And of course, none of this information was in the same place. A majority of my information and research came from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The data used in the status reports are derived directly from the World Health Organization’s situation reports on COVID-19. A large part of this project was reading through hundreds of pages and extracting are of the critical information.

The terminology tiles act as a way for people to understand the phrases and words that are being used in the news and on the Internet. The informational posts give the user a fact or update on the latest treatment and prevention methods. These posts immediately become the center of attention.The reasoning behind sharing this campaign on Instagram is because of it’s subscription-based service. Users can choose to follow the Track.Covid Instagram account to get daily reports of new confirmed cases and deaths, as well as the total number of cases and deaths. I also made use of Instagram’s three-column feed to make things a little bit more symmetrical and organized. Even though this is a social media page, I wanted it to be very organized so users would be able to navigate to exactly what they were looking for without having to think about it too much. The inspiration for my designs come from a combination of user interfaces and album cover art.

To satisfy my love of video editing and animation, I created a public service announcement geared toward Millennials and Generation Z. I made use of jump cuts, fast paced music, and simple but snappy animations. This combination of techniques resemble those that are similarly used in the popular apps TikTok and Vine. The video also uses casual wording to not seem threatening or enforcing. The PSA shows my ability to incorporate brand assets into media that is not static.

COVID-19 Public Service Announcement

Unprecedented: COVID-19 PSA from Kaden Jones on Vimeo.

COVID-19 Status Reports

Status Report 1

(These tiles make up the left most column in the Instagram profile feed.)

COVID-19 Informational Posts

Information Tile 10

(These tiles make up the central most part of the Instagram profile feed.)

COVID-19 Terminology Tiles

Terminology Tile 2

(These tiles make up the right most column in the Instagram profile feed.)

Sample of Unprecedented Instagram Feed

Phone Mockups


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