Two naughty kittens
By Ge Qu
Original figures design by myself. Story book, GIF packages, video, stickers, and toys.
Two naughty kittens
by Ge Qu
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Problem solution statement

There are myriad of languages in this world, but each of us can only master one or a few languages. In my opinion, graphic design can break the language barrier. One good example are online emojis we use every day on social media. Emojis allow us to express feelings without typing a single word. The best thing is, no matter where you come from, no matter what your first language is, you could always understand the meaning of emojis without an issue. Static graphics can do this, and animation could be even better. In my project, I intend to use graphic design to create something without any word explanations, but everyone can easily understand the meaning of it. I believe this concept could bring convenience to society, because there are many people who are either tired of reading text, have traveled to another country without speaking the language, or are unable to read. The using of graphics as expressions could also save time and make communication more interesting and diverse. By using only graphics, we can express our feelings, create a universally understood story, construct our life attitude, or generate something important.

Character design:

When we talk about cartoons, we can always come up with some classic images such as “Tom and Jerry” and countless other impressive characters in Disney movies. A classic image could develop through different kinds of applications, such as movies, books, toys or clothing. In my project, I will design my own characters to build up a series of design works.




 Two naughty Kittens children book

The main objective of my project is the story book. It’s an illustrated story picture book about two kittens. There are 15 short stories included. The purpose is using only illustrated graphics to explain scenes or tell stories. Each story or scene is built up by 4 squares. The main audiences of the book are kids from 2 to 5 years old who are unable to read long texts. There is no text in the book, which encourages children to tell the stories according to their own thoughts by using their own language to explain. Because there is no specific language printed on the book, children from anywhere around the world could use it. It’s interesting to hear the different kinds of interpretations and languages for each story from different children. We could explore how graphics could create diverse meanings and sounds.

Front cover&Back cover

Physical Print (Binding on the top)

Physical Print (Binding on the side)



Gif Package

I created two gif packages using my two characters that extended from the story book. They are using their body actions or facial expressions to convey different emotions. I published them on Wechat for people to download and use during online chatting. Online chatting is one of people’s favorite things to do nowadays. Gifs are a modern and popular form of expression. During online chatting, we love to send cute, humorous gifs to each other. To express a common emotion, it’s easier and time saving to send a gif rather than type the words. They could set up a relaxed atmosphere for your chatting, show humor to make others feel happy, and defuse embarrassment. The design of these gifs show how animation graphics works in online communication and how it creates meanings, or emotions, that everyone can easily understand.


Mandy Gif Package

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Sandy Gif Package

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Sandy’s video

This is a short video about how my character act during COVID-19 quarantine. It’s personified as they are eating just as humans. Cartoon images could show current social problems in a humorous way.



Stickers & Key rings & Phone case & Hat & Doll:

These are products developed from my characters. We could call them “Core Hobby”. Usually if a character figure become famous, fans would like to buy it’s “Core Hobby”; some small items designed in its image. I made these to see how my characters will look like when they are being branded as different products.


Key Rings

Phone Case




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