this is quarantine.
By Sarah Wright
For the class of 2020.
this is quarantine.
by Sarah Wright
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My senior capstone was initially going to be a series of fashion films to show my passion for both my apparel merchandising degree and my graphic design degree. I had completed filming 2 of the 3 shoots before the effects of COVID-19 transitioned everything to go online. I was content with these videos but it did not feel complete or relevant anymore. I decided to use this time of reflection to create something that I hope evokes emotions we all are probably experiencing during this time of uncertainty. I tried to capture what I have been noticing a lot of my college peers are doing: dying their hair crazy colors, taking selfies in their homes, drinking more heavily than usual, or taking precautions when venturing into public. Most of all, I wanted to convey the loss that we are all feeling with the lack of what we’re used to and knowing that we will never get the traditional graduation ceremony we’ve all been working toward.

this is quarantine. This is what we’re all living through. It looks different for everyone but we’re all feeling the heaviness that comes with the severity of the situation. Be kind to yourself and your mind right now – you’re doing the best you can.


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