The Gift
By Madeline Ryan
Acknowledge. Embrace. Believe. Share. #beautymark is a campaign to allow women the space to express who they truly are on social media.
The Gift
by Madeline Ryan
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The Journey of The Gift

This is The Gift.

It’s messages that all you ladies should hear. Messages on how truly priceless you are, the desire I have for you to discover the true you, and discussing the journey of embracing and believing this truth of your worthiness. In the form of Instagram posts and blog posts on, everyone can learn from these simple yet impactful messages.
Not only is The Gift about processing information but it’s also about outputting through our Instagram community. The Gift has a campaign called #beautymark on Instagram where women can put this hashtag in the content of their post and be instantly a part of a community that embraces positive self-talk.

What has become of The Gift?

For the past month, I have been using my personal social media handle, @madelineoryan_ to post The Gift Posts. I chose to do so because my current following includes a majority of my target audience, women of all ages. The #beautymark campaign has proven to be quite successful with the number of responses, the woman I’ve met because of the hashtag, and the posts that women are able to make that instantly connect with The Gift community. It allows for a bigger following or viewing base, a sense of purpose with a cause we are building content around, and a sense of community when women can be found using the same terminology such as a beauty mark.

Why name your project The Gift?

Picture a gift exchange, you know, the ones where everyone brings a gift to exchange at holiday gatherings, hopefully, to receive one they like better than what they brought, which is usually pretty hard to do. One of the most important rules is that you wrap your gift for the surprise factor, so no one knows what they are choosing when it’s their turn to pick a gift. Let’s say you were that present or the person that bought the present that was rejected. Once the receiver of the gift unwrapped it, he was disappointed and every chance he got, he tried to exchange it with another, but no one wanted the gift. That stings doesn’t it? It hurts when you aren’t picked, we take it personally, and we take it as a jab at our worth.
These times of hurt become moments in our lives. We log these experiences among our archive of memories in the rejection folder. Holding onto the feeling drives us to wrap on another layer of wrapping paper, to prevent another moment of rejection from being added.
The hardest part about these gift exchanges is that we are hoping to be honored for our gift. There are so many situations we get stuck in this comparison culture where we desire approval. It’s hard to remember in those moments but I’m here to tell you that your worth should be found in you because you are a gift. You can’t change your gift and the wrapping paper you put on is not a part of you, it’s just a gimmick. You were intentionally made to be you and are beautiful just the way you are, you don’t need to cover up anymore.

It has taken me a long time to get to where I am today. I see myself as worthy. I see myself as a gift. I don’t need to do anything in life to prove myself because I was already put here on this earth for a purpose, to be me.
I went on a journey to find those that could be my potential gift receiver, people that could fill me up, places, or group events that I could get approval from. I layered on different wrapping papers, different papers for each group so I could fit into multiple. Basically, think of the wrapping paper as my mask in order to get in. I thought it was the only way to feel loved, to be a part of something even if no one there truly knew the gift I was inside.
It wasn’t until I took off the layers of wrapping paper that I discovered who I was. It was only something I could do, to discover that I am a worthy gift, intentionally made to be me by my creator. It was a journey of self-discovery, a long one but so worth it at the end. My story was possible because of the community of girls I had. They loved me when I was confused about who I was. They loved me because they knew I was a gift even before I knew myself. These girls helped me peel back the layers to reveal the true and beautiful me inside.

Why name your campaign Beauty Mark?

Now that you understand The Gift analogy, that we can find comfort in who we are because we were created to be this way, beauty marks are an expression of that understanding. An understanding that we are all made different and it shows in how we look, but also in our mind and soul.

A beauty mark can represent:

The Body:

a mark that is visible to all on our bodies. It could be a mark that one is born with or created to express who they are and/or a trial or moment one went through.

The Mind:

Thoughts, emotions, expressions one makes/creates to respond to the world around them.

The Soul:

Who you are within, who you were made to be.

Moving Forward with The Gift

I want to continue to inspire women to embrace who they are through the #beautymark campaign, through my Instagram posts, and through my Blog posts on The Gift Website I am going to keep this project going by:

Reaching out to women who have become entrepreneurs through this line of work.
Create partnerships with these women by supporting each other by providing content: Instagram promotional posts, podcasts, etc.

All the while, I will be continuing to post The Gift content through blog posts, Instagram posts, and beauty mark posts. I’m happy with what I’ve created and excited to see where it will lead me.

Be apart of The Gift campaign: #beautymark or follow me @madelineoryan on Instagram for a community that embraces the true you.

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