Remedi Kombucha
By Molly Jaeger
Remedi is a Kombucha brand that I created to market and advertise my home-brewed fermented tea.
Remedi Kombucha
by Molly Jaeger
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Problem Statement

To create a Kombucha health brand identity to promote and advertise my homebrewed fermented tea.


Remedi is a Kombucha brand that focuses on using bright, eye-catching colors. These colors are frequently used and seen in fitness branding, such as gym equipment, sports drinks, and sports facilities. The idea behind this branding is to attract people who are used to seeing and interacting with it. The association with health and color is the main reason why Remedi has such a bold image.

Additionally, Remedi will focus on the benefits that are included in drinking Kombucha, such as improve gut health.

Moving Forward

Now that this assignment has gone entirely digital, the designs will be used with mockups. Included will be kombucha bottles, posters, supermarket shelving, promotional stand, and sticker handouts.


Correct Logo Use

Incorrect Logo Use


















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