One Third
By Avery Daniel
Designed to enhance sleep quality and promote healthy habits, One Third is a personalized app that offers a combination of information, tools, and resources to better your sleep.
One Third
by Avery Daniel
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One Third

One Third offers a combination of information and tools that will help improve your sleep. One Third is customizable, designed to promote healthy habits and hygiene. In order to better understand your sleep patterns and behavior, the user will start by taking a short questionnaire. From this information, One Third will provide you with a myriad of tools to guide you on your sleep journey. Some of these tools include; a nightly sleep tracker, statistics on your sleep patterns, goals, checklists, meditation sounds, astrology, and more. These tools allow the user to understand how they sleep, establish nightly routines, and enhance their environment. With One Third, you will have all the tools you need to improve the quality of your sleep in just one convenient location.

The Final

I have always been an advocate for sleep, health, and wellness. The idea of an app that could do it all in terms of sleep hygiene sounded like something I would love to have. Once I started researching about sleep, I became more and more aware of the impact sleep has on our lives. One-third of our lives are spent sleeping and it truly affects the fruitfulness of the other two-thirds. Sleep plays a critical role in brain function. I discovered that while we sleep, the brain stores new information and gets rid of waste. Nerve cells reorganize, restore, and repair themselves.We needsleep for energy conservation, cellular restoration, brain function, emotional well-being, metabolism, insulin function, and immunity.Also, despite being such a huge component of human life, problems with sleep are widelyprevalent. Over 70 million people in the United States have chronic sleep disorder that impacts their daily functioning and health.


Having a better understanding of sleep’s impact brought me to “One Third”. The app took many forms, however I decided on a design that would hinder sleep quality as little as possible. The entire app is in night mode and also has functions to eliminate blue light and harsh light before bed. I felt that if the app could be both functional, and informational it would allow people really reflect on how their sleep hygiene and consider it’s critical importance.

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