Making a Western Short Film
By Emma Dau
A nine minute western shot in the Badlands
Making a Western Short Film
by Emma Dau
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I’ve created a short Western film to learn classic and modern filming techniques. I was inspired by the song, “Desperado”, by the Eagles (one of my mom’s favorite songs, we listened to it a lot growing up), so I wrote a screenplay based on that song, with the historic context of the gold rush of Deadwood in the mid-1800s. My fearless crew of three headed out to the Badlands in February to do our filming in one weekend. The film is around nine minutes long, and you can watch it right here!

Click this link to watch

Along with the film I’ve created a publication, displaying some of the still imagery I got out in South Dakota, and go further in-depth on the process it took to make the film. Click on the image below to flip through on ISSUU.

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