Like A Girl
By Emily Cooper Smith
Like A Girl is an after school program that helps young girls build a relationship to their self confidence through engaging and challenging workshops.
Like A Girl
by Emily Cooper Smith
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The Problem

Before the age of 12, boys and girls are measured to have the same level of confidence. They are not afraid to pursue a career, share their passions with others, or say whats on their mind. Children at this age are not yet bounded by gender roles or stereotypes.

However, as young girls enter their teenage years and transition to middle school, their self confidence drops significantly–statistically, about 30%.

This drop in self confidence will most likely not be regained and remain throughout her adulthood.

To close this gap, the problem needs to be caught early. Starting at a young age, girls need to develop a foundation of self confidence that will strengthen as they get older.

For my capstone, Like A Girl, I aimed to close that gap because I know the long term effects don’t just affect the girl, but the woman they become.

Introductory Video

The Solution

Like A Girl offers variety of engaging and fun activities centered around outdoor recreation, life skills, career exploration, and more. These activities are designed to challenge participants to step out of their comfort zones in a supportive and encouraging environment. By expanding their limits, they will become familiar with the feelings of risk, reliance and growth; the skills necessary to build self confidence.

Primary Logo


The word-mark for Like A Girl is translated in the symbol of two “i’s” and exclamation point. This symbol is used in terms of membership and patterns with the various colors relating to the badges girls earn in the workshops. Through the use of bright colors and bold typography, the Like A Girl brand exemplifies the qualities of confidence and fearlessness.

The Like A Girl brand guideline is above with a brand application through the use of a stationery system shown below

Brand Guidelines
Stationery System

Hip enough for young girls, professional enough for their parents

A large percentage of the marketing for Like A Girl takes place through a digital platform with a website being the largest asset. Above is a video of the website designed for Like A Girl featuring a home page, about age, program information, and merchandise. With the social media and videos directed towards the younger demographic, the website provides professionalism, credibility, and information for parents, donators, and others.


Printed Material

Although most of the Like A Girl marketing campaign takes place online, I wanted to create a series of printed posters to be used in schools, businesses, or the general public. The posters, like the videos, do not place a song emphasis on information delivery but rather curiosity and interest causing them to go the website to learn more.

The posters can be used independently, or as a tiled set. Shown above is an example of how the posters would be displayed on the side of a building or transportation area, like a subway station.

Poster Series

School Involvement

For school involvement, a zine was designed that could be handed out in classrooms and inform girls on the workshops. The zine folds out into a poster they can hang up so Like A Girl is in the back of their mind. I also included a temporary tattoo with social media handles on the back. The purpose of this was for when girls put on the tattoo, they can look and follow Like A Girl. Think of the tattoo as a business card, but for a 13 year old.

“Zine” to distribute at expos

Spreading the word

Stickers and merchandise

Graphic and interesting merchandise was created to encourage funding, support, and spreading the word.

Like A Girl: So girls are confident because they’re fearless and fearless because they’re confident.

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