By Jordan Edwards
IN ESSENCE is a minimalist company that focuses on sustainability in fields such as hiking, backpacking, and camping.
by Jordan Edwards
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Opening Thoughts

Hello everyone, thank you for coming to my senior capstone page! Here I have the branding for a sustainable outdoors company called IN ESSENCE. This is an actual account, if you’d like to follow the sustainable path, the Instagram handle is @sustain.inessence!

Logo Iterations

Here we have the main logo for IN ESSENCE. This logo was chosen due to the simplistic shape and form, fitting the minimalistic approach to this field. Also, we love the complete encompassing of both mountains, and oceans. Lastly, we wanted an older feeling, to create a sense of dependability on the company and followers.

Our complete branding and logo iterations with our whole color palette, creating both the forest, and ocean feel with the light and dark tones.


Branding Guide

The beauty shot of the branding guide created for IN ESSENCE. Keeping a simplistic style with a modern touch.


Business letterhead and envelope for IN ESSENCE. This iteration focuses on reaching out to new companies with the opportunity to be featured on our page.

Clothing design for IN ESSENCE to be sold in a later release.

Stickers created for our active supporters. We know everyone loves decorating their bottles, their laptops, or whatever they please!

iPhone mockups for our Instagram posts. Each set of 3 images follows a specific layout to create a cohesive theme.

Poster Series

First created to be a handout for a meetup, these images were too great to not be blown up into posters. Feel free to grab one at a meetup close to you!

Jordan Edwards was repsonsible for posting the content on this page. Any inqueries should be directed to the contact information listed above.