By Kathleen Rydberg
A public service campaign to uplift and encourage people to be kind.
by Kathleen Rydberg
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Problem Analysis:

Humans compare themselves far more than we should. Media portrays unhealthy and unrealistic pinnacles of beauty, looks, weight, personality, and athletic ability. The overwhelming sense of not measuring up is dangerous. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements telling us how to make ourselves better which causes us to doubt ourselves in a variety of ways. It’s hard to measure up when the measuring line never ends. 

Through researching topics related to body image, I came across many different articles about accepting who you are. I also researched Kintsugi, a Japanese method of fixing broken pottery with gold, highlighting the cracks and making the object far more intriguing and beautiful than it was before it was broken. I had previously learned about this in an art history course, and based the gold in the color palette for I’mperfect off of it. We need more positive and encouraging media brands to combat perfectionism and self-doubt.

Target Audience:

Mainly women college age on up, but this brand is also encouraging to young girls and to men as well, although geared toward women.


I’mperfect. A public service campaign that wants you to see yourself as who you are: an amazing individual, and look at others the same way. Don’t compare yourself to others. Spread kindness, not judgment. Imperfections are beautiful. “I’mperfect” and so are you. The solution is to raise an uplifting voice, with a brand that only uses unedited imagery and ideas that lead to joy, not discontentment. To combat comparisons I designed a website, with an inspirational video, articles, etc. 

The Brand:

I’mperfect means you’re perfect just as you are: imperfect. We are all imperfect, and there’s no reason to compare or criticize. Simpy by adding an apostrophe imperfect becomes “I’m perfect.”

Visit I’mperfect Website:  https://rydbergkathleen.wixsite.com/imperfect 

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The goal of I’mperfect is to encourage.

Words are powerful, so let’s use them to build up instead of tear down. This includes accepting yourself. I want you to be uplifted and confident in your body, personality, and whatever else you tell yourself is imperfect. Look in the mirror and smile. You were beautifully created in the image of the living God. You are not a mistake. Don’t compare yourself to other people. We all have different purposes. Forks and spoons have different uses. Eyes and ears do too. I want to encourage you, and want you also to encourage others. The truth is none of us are perfect, and that’s why we need Jesus. Instead of looking for imperfections we need to look at the good, amazing, and unique qualities we have. God loves and designed each and every one of us. Stop judging and start loving. Encourage everyone.


This idea stemmed from experiences I had in high school dealing with scoliosis (the unnatural curving of the spine). As I watched other students walk by with their perfectly straight spines I was jealous and aware of my imperfections.

“I’m imperfect,” I thought. 

When the word “imperfect” appeared in my head, however, there was an apostrophe between the letter “I” and the “m” stating “I’mperfect” instead. I believe this was a reminder from God. 

Smile. You’re amazing. You’re perfectly imperfect.


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