By Daniel Berja
A brand identity for a tiny vegan restaurant with a planet-size mission.
by Daniel Berja
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The Client Ideation

Habi-Taro is a mock client company from San Fransisco that I have conceptualized from the ground up. The idea behind the company was to combine one major issue in our society—climate change—and a random business type—a restaurant business. I wanted to challenge myself to develop a business model to create a background context for the brand. In doing so, I have learned that limits are non-existent when it comes to design.

Habi-Taro is a tiny brand on a mission to help save the environment—one tree at a time. They’re a high mid-tier restaurant committed to utilizing eighty percent of their profits to plant more trees where needed. However, their overall mission is not just planting more trees but to change the minds of people as well. 


The Challenge

Can a limited-budget design impact the way people perceive climate change? How can I highlight the planet-saving mission of a small group of vegans running a vegan restaurant in San Fransisco? 


The Solution

A strategic brand identity design that not only showcases Habi-Taro’s mission but also encourages audiences to take action and create a sense of involvement for the customers.


The Process

Once the project began, I indulged in two weeks of researching vegan restaurants and how they operated and branded themselves while also researching how veganism creates an impact on the environment. Within the two weeks, I decided to immerse myself in the project by switching over to being a vegetarian—closer to veganism but not too far from dairy— for four weeks. I also reached out to a professional chef to seek guidance for curating the menu for the restaurant. Overall, the largest lesson I have learned through this process is that designers must immerse themselves in order to create a successful design.

Through the five months of development, I have created a restaurant brand identity equipped with a brand manual, style guide, menus, a promotional booth, posters, and a billboard. Through powerful imagery and creative messaging, Habi-Taro exclaims its mission and values to the world in a humble manner.

The Design

A green environment is something we humans need and not the other way around. We need to be more cautious about our waste and how it affects the environment. Upcycling is a common yet effective way to reduce waste and cut costs. 

To showcase a sense of sustainability and upcycling, Habi-Taro’s visual approach features a found object aesthetic paired with high end recycled materials; conveying the Habi-Taro’s elevated rustic approach.


The Logo | To place Habi-Taro alongside other high mid-tier restaurants an elegant and timeless logo is designed to convey a sense of class while also showcasing their mission through the leaf.


Brand Booklet | To keep the guest experience at Habi-Taro consistent, a brand manual and style guide is designed to introduce new employees to the brand and how it operates.


Menu Set | The menu set not only introduces the food and beverage selections but the mission of the brand as well.


Pop-up Booth Design | To immerse the audience in the restaurant experience through a smaller scale, a booth is designed to showcase the highlighted elements within the restaurant.


Poster Series | Campaign environmental graphics showcase Habi-Taro’s mission while also conveying its vegan values.

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