Green Hit
By Maria Fonseca
A platform aiming to strengthen communities and break down common marijuana stigmas.

My main focus for my senior capstone project has been advocating for cannabis itself and the cannabis community through finding a way to spread awareness. I explored various approaches and after months of research, I realized that a social platform was the answer.


I focused research on finding ways to break down and refute common marijuana stigmas. Most of the cannabis-related research was very recent and/or developing due to limited legality in the U.S. but I noticed a pattern in some states that developed after legality:


When cannabis education and awareness were integrated, cannabis-related crimes and teenage usage rates declined over the years along with other great impacts. An application making it easy to access cannabis communities and education became the main objective.


Throughout ideation, the focal point remained to implement essential information by embodying minimalism, nature, and balance in used design processes and systems for the platform.


In the cannabis community, the first (green) hit is simply the best. Green Hit is a platform for the cannabis community to flourish and receive the best educational opportunities it deserves.




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