By Jenny Thai
How learning becomes amplified by design

Gib is a proof of concept for a learning subscription box specifically tailored to a children’s learning style. Learning has been a crucial part in my development as a person. I know when I was growing up I was lucky enough to have ELL (English Learning Lessons) to improve my English and some great support of teachers that supported me along the way. Everyone does not have a great learning experience and may struggle especially if they have disabilities or need some extra materials while being homeschooled. During the Corona Virus, many people have struggled to homeschool their children thus showing a need of a new way to package learning for home.


The Mascot GIB

Gib is a lovable yellow blob with various expressions. He gets exited to learn new things and go on imaginary adventures with you. His favorite activities includes jumping for joy.He has a memorable and easy to replicate design with a round body, two dots for eyes, and a curved line for a mouth. His malleable design also represents how he can easily adapt to new learning styles.




The Subscription Box


Card Game Activity

Gibberish is a card game included in the Visual Subscription Box. The Gibberish Game is a fun way to string along the images on the cards to form a story.

Game Directions:

  1. Each player starts with 6 cards
  2. Player one starts by setting down 2 or more cards. the objective is to make a story linking the images on the Cards.
  3. he other players vote on creativity of the story. If the story is approved the player gets to discard the cards played. If the story is not approved the player must pick up the same amount of cards played.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 with next players.
  5. First player to have zero cards wins!


Example front of cards with various expressions made by Gib


Website (In Progress)

Due to time constraints only the essential main pages of the website have been mocked up. Target audience personas were approximations and a site map based on an analytical comparison to the My Little Passport website that sells a similar product/service. Other improvements such as

Target Audience

Site Map

Website Mockup Overview



The COVID-19  crisis has become a challenging time to find balance and adjust to having restricted contact with people. Although many people are able still able to communicate through zoom meetings or other social platforms, which may be difficult in order to test certain products or gather specific datas. In real life, people would split up to work on different parts to create a fully functioning website and products.



For the Future

The proof of concept for Gib is highly probable to implement in the real world. Many subscription reading boxes or science experiment boxes already exist. Gib is unique in its implementation to focus on people’s learning style. The card game has potential to have expansion packs with different themes depending on the popularity. If I had an extended amount of time, I would like to have fully functioning mockup to do a user test plan with a short list of tasks. I would also like to create a fully animated promotional video.

Want to see the full process of development?
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