Explore Iowa
By Hannah Gasper
A nonprofit campaign that promotes respect and appreciation of Iowa's outdoors.
Explore Iowa
by Hannah Gasper
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What is Explore Iowa?

Explore Iowa is a nonprofit campaign that aims to inspire everyone to go outside and find their adventurous side right here in Iowa.

The campaign reaches people through social media. Its goal is to encourage outdoor exploration and exercise in the midst of the current situation affecting the world. Explore Iowa provides activities, information, and motivation that get people outside and exploring in a time when everything else seems to be canceled. Explore Iowa is a hub of positivity for everyone to enjoy.


Marketing and Promotion

Explore Iowa is primarily a social media campaign. It reaches its varied audience through different social media platforms on which it provides information, motivation, activities, and positivity.

Why Explore Iowa?

Explore Iowa came about because of the view many people carry about outdoor recreation in Iowa. Many people think they need to travel outside of Iowa to experience and appreciate the outdoors. Explore Iowa aims to change that mindset and show people that Iowa has a lot to offer.


Explore Iowa Branding




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