Exploration in 3D Models and Character Design
By Jacob Chaplin
Improving on craft of 3D using Cinema4D
Exploration in 3D Models and Character Design
by Jacob Chaplin
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During my years at Iowa State University, 3D modeling has been one of the more interesting fields of graphic design in my eyes. While learning the basics of the program Cinema 4D through a studio class, the rest I have learned on my own. I felt that our last semester capstone project would give me a chance to really learn new tools, while also honing my skills on what I already knew.


Beginning this project was difficult, as a didn’t know where to start or where it was going, only that I was going to want to use Cinema 4D for the end result. After brainstorming and some help from Braidwood, I was able to come up with a narrative that, while slightly cartoonish, would be interesting enough to work on and gave me a direction to
head in.


Many of the skills learned throughout my work on this project had to do with character modeling and sculpting. While the assets made are not in the realm of realism, I used my background in video game and cartoon art style to shape the final result.


The result shown won’t be the end however, because I feel that my skills in 3D are just now coming to fruition, and I am eager to see how else I can update my work to be the best possible.

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