Diverse People of Design
By Kaitlyn Sanchez
Diverse People of Design is a podcast series that interviews guest Creators. The study analyzes the connection between someone's identities and their work.
Diverse People of Design
by Kaitlyn Sanchez
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The Concept

Diverse People of Design stemmed from an idea born roughly two years ago in 2018. I remember sitting in my sophomore studio watching the Helvetica movie when the realization dawned on me that the design culture we were learning about was heavily reliant on the western world. The majority of what we were consuming in class seemed founded on Swiss ideologies. Additionally, most of our required art history courses covered generally the same geographic regions.

Though I do believe there are good design principles to benefit from this education, I could not help but look around and see the beautiful differences between my peers. I decided in that moment I wanted to create a new movement that could depict a more accurate representation of the diverse people of design. I was looking to build an inclusive identity that looked into who an individual was and how it influenced their work. 


Welcome to Diverse People of Design

Please check out our SoundCloud to see the monthly releases of the DPODcast. Otherwise, enjoy the pre-release of three of our podcasts on our Youtube page.


The People

Throughout the spring of 2020, I successfully interviewed three individuals in the field of design. Vitoria Faccin-Herman, Jordan Brooks, and Madeline Ryan each taught me something new in terms of how they see the world. Each one believed that their design work is influenced by their identities and how they see themselves.

Vitoria Faccin-Herman (she/her/hers) earned her Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Iowa State University (ISU) in the spring of May 2020! She is a woman from Brazil and an educator. She thinks a lot about how to relate to students. She asks herself how she can show them more than what is canon, or the norm, in Graphic Design.

Jordan Brooks (he/him/his) is the Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Student Success in the College of Design at Iowa State University. He sees himself as a creator. Jordan earned his bachelor’s degree in Art and Technology with a double major in Psychology. At Slippery Rock University, his master’s was a counseling based degree in Student Affairs in higher education. In the fall of 2020, he will begin his doctoral program in education with a focus in social and cultural studies at ISU!

Madeline Ryan (she/her/hers) completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at Iowa State University in May 2020! She considers herself a woman, an artist, and a believer. Her work is influenced by the desire to improve self-love in women. You can see her campaign #beautymark or her capstone, The Gift.

I want to thank each of these amazing people for their participation in my Senior Capstone!

If you are a Creator interested in being on the DPODcast, please feel free to reach out to diversepeopleofdesign@gmail.com or dm us on Instagram


Social Media Campaign


Capstone Reflection


Overall, the process proved arduous, especially in terms of the the logo and audio quality. However, I am highly satisfied with the color palette, cohesiveness of the brand, and content. I learned more about Adobe PremierePro and AfterEffects in this exploration.


In the Future

I would like to see the expansion of Diverse People of Design, from a website directory to photography and articles. I believe the logo marks I made are adequate for the podcast itself, but I am looking forward to making an integrated branding system for this company. Further, the initial project was unfortunately cut short due to the covid-19 quarantine. I have hopes for being able to expand our collection of high quality portraits, like the ones of Jordan Brooks and Vitoria Faccin-Herman seen in the social media campaign materials.

Moreover, I am excited to increase the number of participants in the DPODcast. With so many designers, stories, and projects out there, Diverse People of Design is not short on potential. Personally, I would love to interview someone who believes their work is not influenced by the identities they hold.

Already, I have enlisted a team to continue this project into post-graduation. These colleagues of mine are just as enthused by the importance of representation and inclusion as I. Besides myself, Kaitlyn Sanchez, Diverse People of Design will be organized by two other designers and a software engineer: Kaden Jones, John Sand, and Jameel Kelley respectively. If you are interested in supporting Diverse People of Design, please consider supporting us on Patreon or sharing this project on social media!

Kaitlyn Sanchez was repsonsible for posting the content on this page. Any inqueries should be directed to the contact information listed above.