Craftology Festival
By Katelyn Berndt
The branding and promotional design of a festival that celebrates artisans and craft businesses.
Craftology Festival
by Katelyn Berndt
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Coming into capstone this semester, I already had a
solid idea planned out because I have been thinking
about what I wanted to do for my capstone project for
the past year. I have owned my own craft business for
about 5 years now, and the past 3 years have been filled
with taking my business to craft shows around the state
of Iowa. As a craft vendor and a graphic design student,
there have been many frustrations that I have developed
over the years from taking my business to shows.
These would include:

  • Going to a craft show where there are more direct
    sales vendors (i.e. Scentsy, Paparazzi, Pampered
    Chef) than there are actually handcraft vendors.
  • Event organizers not putting as much effort into
    advertising as promised
  • Nonexistent or unappealing branding for show
    advertising/promotional materials.

For my capstone project, I have decided to tackle these
frustrations by branding a Handcraft Only Festival. The
original plan was to host the event on April 18th with the
help of a friend and fellow craft vendor who has hosted
shows before, Sarah Colby. She was going to handle the
logistics and technical side of the event while I worked
on designing the branding and event materials. The hope
was that if the event went well, then we would be able to
turn this into an annual event with the intention to keep
growing and expanding the festival into one of Iowa’s
largest handcraft only shows.



For my research, I started with festival name ideation
by researchingother festivals locally, nationally and
internationally because I needed to start with designing
a logo for the festival. I knew I wanted to steer clear of
all common terminology for craft show names in the
local area. This meant terms such as, ‘show, fair, market,’
and any seasonal terminology (i.e. Spring Fling). Finding
current large scale craft festivals and fairs proved to be
difficult to find. This led me to look at music and fine art
festivals later on for theme and style ideation. 

The theme is a mandala that is made up of a variety of
craft supplies. All elements were hand drawn with only
the outlines filled in with color. With the logo quite a
bit wider than the height, I decided to follow more of
an oval shape for the mandala instead of trying to
create a perfect circle. 


The official color scheme is an aqua, yellow, and coral.
They were chosen to be representative of spring and also
be reflective of the colors I’ve seen used on the craft tools
I have in my home studio. I tried to use tints and shades
to begin with, but the tints came off too light. I eliminated
all but one tint which is the light yellow that is used for
the background. The range then consisted of shades of
the original three colors. 


Proxima Nova Condensed was chosen
for the readability of the type at a far
distance, as well as the numerous weights
contained in the type family. Special Elite
was chosen specifically to work as a subtitle.
This is a typewriter style font that has good
readability and complements the style
designed in the logo.





The 11×14 poster uses the official festival theme.
The color scheme has been applied to the text.
This poster is intended to be hung up in local
stores and around campuses.


This 4×4 flyer can be printed in color or
black and white. The flyer can be used
for on-the-go advertising or as handouts.
Flyer information can be easily altered to
be a recruitment tool for attracting vendors
to come participate in the festival.





This banner would be displayed on either side
of the highway that SportsIowa is located on.
A highway banner works well for advertising
to commuters and can be a good directional
tool to the venue on the day of the event.



The venue would have one of these banners
hanging on the front of the building during
the last few weeks leading up to the event.
This banner could also be used in patios of
local bars or other local establishments.



The welcome banner can be found just inside
the entrance of the venue to greet customers
as they enter the festival.



These banners are larger versions of the
poster design and are really intended for
campuses and malls.


The billboards are considered for high traffic
areas like along I-80 in Des Moines.


The profile picture (left) is only of the logo
because this would be the constant element
people would recognize year to year and it
would be used across all social media accounts.
The cover photo (right) would be used for the
Facebook page only and provides the basic
information of the event at the top of the
page. As the festival nears, highlight photos
of vendor products would be added with the
cover photo to create a slideshow in this space.

Left: Social media profile picture. Right: Facebook cover photo.


Personnel badges would be required to identify
Event Organizers, Volunteers and Craft Vendors.
This identification would probably be for meals and
other perks for those who are working the festival.


The button was designed to be the festival entry
ticket for customers to buy in advance or at the
door. This technique is used at a popular music
and arts festival in my hometown and served as
inspiration for this choice. The idea is to create a
souvenir for customers instead of making another
piece of paper that would just get thrown away when
they get home. Having the button as a ticket will also
be a good choice down the road for festival access
when the festival transitions from being a single day
event to a multi-day event.



This shirt would be available in the festival colors
or black and white. I am also considering offering
a pre-order of these shirts to participating vendors
with the phrase on the back similar to the tie dye
festival shirt. The craftology definition is featured
on the back of the tie dye festival shirt while the
button mandala design is seen on the front. Vendors
could opt to have the definition for Craftologist on the
back of the official theme shirts instead of Craftology.
The tie dye festival t-shirts would be offered in a variety
of different tie dye color variations to stand apart from
the staff and volunteer shirts. 


The staff and volunteers would be wearing
tie dye shirts in similar colors of the spiral
style. Each would be labeled on the back to
identify staff from volunteers, but both shirts
would feature the Craftology Festival logo on
the front of the shirt.


This is a canvas tote bag that features the
official festival theme mandala.


To give a nod to what will probably be a part
of our new normal after this pandemic, I created
face masks to be available for purchase at the festival.



I still plan on hosting the festival at some
point but it may not be in Ames. Once the
festival is up and running, a website will
become necessary as an information source
for potential vendors and customers. There
is a social media campaign planned for
promotion of vendors which would be
during the last month leading up to the
festival. The hope is to make the festival
an annual multi-day event. 

This project came from the admiration and
respect I have for artisans and crafters who
are trying to make a living from their creativity.
The Craftology Festival is my way of showing
appreciation and giving these small business
creatives a platform to share their work with
the world. Working on the Craftology Festival
has brought me closer to figuring out where I
want to go with my career in the graphic design
field. I have found that I enjoy creating materials
for large events like expos and festivals. 

I am excited to see where this project and
my career go from here.

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