Continued Connection – Draft
By Brianna Harrison Joynt
I aimed to create a company that connects therapists and people who are seeking help. I also wanted to have a community aspect where people can talk to other people who are seeking help.
Continued Connection – Draft
by Brianna Harrison Joynt
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I started this project with many different ideas in mind, but as I want to continue on to work with both design and psychology, and I have the most experience with brand design. I decided my strongest idea would to create a company that I personally would like to exist and to brand that company over the course of my senior year.

The Company

Continued Connection is a company that aims to bridge the distance between those seeking help and those who can proved that help. Whether that help is found in finding a therapist that fits your needs and requirements, or in a community of peers. We believe that seeking help should be harder than it already is and we are here to connect those people together.


Logo and Color Palette-



Home Page-

Get Help-


Other Resources-

About Us-

Some More Process Work

Here are some logo idealizations along with some inspiration for how the brain part of the logo.

Final Notes

At the beginning of this class, I had many ideas that I wanted to create over the course of this class but due to the present circumstances, many of them were not able to come to fruition. In the future I wish to continue working on Continued Connection to add it to my portfolio. I enjoyed working on this project and I’m excited to keep exploring this project and to see how far I am able to take it!

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