CON-QUEST: Making a Comic Book
By Jackson Donels
CON-QUEST: Making a Comic Book
by Jackson Donels
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What the hell is a “Con-Quest?”

Con-Quest is a satirical take on the modern-day fantasy genre reflected in most contemporary media such as games, books, movies, etc. Young Adeline (Ada) is a naive eccentric goblin girl who’s overly eclectic nature drives her to abandon her boring sheltered life and seek out a legendary treasure. She attempts to solicit and enlist the help of a cynical, snide Orc named Winston, who wants nothing to do with her or her journey. However, due to personal illegally financial circumstances, he decides to join her on her expedition. Along their way, they come across several situations and individuals that contradict Ada’s perception of the world around her. From magic dealing crank wizards to rope pushing fairies of the night, Ada and Winston make their way across the county of High Order to find King Dehovihah’s treasure. Will they find it? I don’t know, read the damn comic and find out yourself.
…. probably not though.


Why should I waste my time reading this?

It’s pretty good. Not like super good, but kind of good. At least good enough to read. Or don’t read, I’m not your fucking mom, I can’t tell you what to do. BUT if I were your mom, I’d tell you to read it. I’d also tell you to eat your vegetables and wear a jacket when its cold out. However, its summertime, which belies any use for a coat AND vegetables, grow out of the ground. The ground is gross. It’s covered in dirt and bugs live there. Yuck. But my comic book… my comic book isn’t like those things. It’s cool. Still not convinced? Well, what if I told you the shady guy wearing a duster, covered in cigarette burns, that’s standing out back behind the Hot-Topic said my comic was cool, would you believe me then? Well, you should, because he’s cool and mysterious; he probably knows what he’s talking about. I mean, why else would he be standing outside a Hot-Topic at three in the afternoon on a workday? So what if he stands out back behind a clothing store for angsty teenagers, playing on his Tamagotchi all day? He reads my comic book, and you should too.

Its an O.K. book and you should probably read it.



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