Alien Invasion
By Matt Valen
Alien Invasion is a social deception game where people are split into humans and aliens. Can the humans gather enough information to discover who the aliens are before a planet wide Alien Invasion?
Alien Invasion
by Matt Valen
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I wanted to design a functional and exciting game that anyone could play with their friends.


When I first started this project I had roughly three separate designs for the box, cards and characters respectively. However, these different designs were not cohesive and mid-way through the project I decided to go in a completely different design direction. Board games have always been nostalgic for me, so I chose to go with a mid-century design style because I liked the idea of a retro board game. The color palette and visual language reflect that mid-century look. Below are some of my initial designs before the mid-way design change.


Below are the deliverables I chose to design for the game.

Game Box

Game Guide

Game Board

Character Cards

Drawing Cards

What’s Next

After flushing out some minor kinks in the rules, I would like to construct a physical copy of this game to play in the future.


During this strange time, I really learned how to set aside time to work on this project. I learned a lot about what it takes to make a board game. It takes awhile to finalize rules in order for a game to work efficiently. Overall, this has been a great design project to work on as well as a great learning opportunity.

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