Abroad Adventures: A Picture Book Series
By Casey Guthals
Abroad Adventures is an illustrated picture book series that entails traveling around the world and encouraging children to go out and explore.
Abroad Adventures: A Picture Book Series
by Casey Guthals
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Abroad Adventures

Adventures available in both print and digital.

Abroad Adventures: A unique experience

Abroad Adventures creates a unique experience inside the pages of a three book series. The book series are based on the main character and her friends traveling and exploring new places all around the world. The series focuses around a fun game of hide and seek. While finding her friends, the main character is also finding and exploring each new location. The books are made to encourage children to go out and explore.

Sneak Peak

Take a peek at a unique game of hide and seek with the 1st five pages of an adventure series.


A fun, rhyming children’s picture book created for children aged 3-7.



The First Five Pages

The first five pages are the most important when writing, creating, and designing a book. By reading the first few pages of a book one can pick up on the meaning and purpose, therefore deciding if it’s a worth a read. When it comes to children’s books, the illustration is also another giant factor for a reader to engage with the book. The abroad Adventures series presents the first five pages of a basic (32 pages) children’s picture book.

Prints and stickers are also available for purchase. To continuously inspire, Abroad Adventures offers fun extras that carry the illustrative style outside of the reading realm.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Abroad Adventures:                                        A Picture Book Series

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