Frontier: On the Edge of Something Great

is the name for the 2020 ISUGD Senior Show

This website came about as a collaboration between the Design and Organizing taskforce and Graphic Design professor Alex Braidwood. The Taskforce defined the brand and Braidwood worked to implement it in the design and organization of this website. Each student was responsible for adding their own project and defining how it was categorized.

The virtual senior show took two forms. One is this website which features the capstone projects of all 68 Graphic Design Seniors.

The second was a live webinar that 26 students chose to participate in. The webinar was organized into topic-based panels and hosted by Alex Braidwood. It was also live-streamed so that viewers could ask questions and engage with the designers as they present their final capstone projects. The work shown, the presentations, and the discussions on these panels were fantastic.

You can watch the full recordings of each panel here if you weren’t able to make it.

The following students are the Design and Organizing Taskforce who led the design of this year's senior show branding

Website by Alex Braidwood